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Code Product Name
BTLW01 Beaker Tong With Asbestos Lining On Mouth Part
BRLW03 Brush For Cleaning Bottle
BRLW02 Brush For Cleaning Flask
BRLW01 Brush For Cleaning Test Tube
CALW01 Capillary Tube
CLLW01 Chloroscope With o-Tolidine Reagent
CSLW01 Clamp for Silicon Carbide Rod
CBLW01 Combustion Boat
CTLW02 Combustion Tube
CTLW01 Crucible Tong S.S.
DILW01 Diamond Point Pencil
TMLW03 Digital Thermometer Pen Type -50 to 300
FTLW01 Flask Tong
GLLW01 Glass Plate For TLC
HRLW01 Refrectometer Handy (Erma)
HYLW01 Hydrometer
ITLW01 Ignition Tube (Fusion Tube)
LILW02 Lid For Silica Crucible
LILW01 Lid & Receiver Brass For Test Sieve
TMLW02 T.D.S. Meter
MELW01 pH Meter Digital Pocket Type
SILW03 Silica Crucible Low Form Without Lid
SILW02 Silica Crucible Low Form With Lid
SILW04 Silicon Carbide Rod
SPLW01 Spatula S.S.One Side Spoon
STLW01 Stand For Viscosity Cup
TELW01 Test Sieve
THLW01 Test Tube Holder Superior Quality
TMLW01 Thermometer Glass Mercury Filled - L 30cm.
THLW02 Thermo-Hygro Meter with Clock
THLW03 Thermometer Red Petrolium Filled -10 to 110
THLW04 Thermometer Zeal Type
VCLW01 Viscosity Cup
WILW01 Wire Gauge with Frame Size 6
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