Plastic Wares

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Code Product Name
BEPW01 Beaker Polypropylene
BUPW02 Buchner Funnel Polypropylene
BUPW01 Burette Acrylic with TPX Stopcock
BBPW01 Burette Brush
DBPW01 Dropping Bottle Plastic (LDPE)
FIPW01 Fisher Clamp ( Burette Clamp )
FUPW01 Funnel Plastic
MCPW01 Measuring Cylinder Hexagonal Polypropylene
MGPW01 Measuring Glass Polypropylene
MJPW01 Measuring Jug with Handle
PVPW01 Pipette P.V.C.
PPPW01 Pipette Pump
PSPW01 Pipette Stand
RBPW01 Reagent Bottle Polyproplene N. M.
RBPW02 Reagent Bottle W. M.
REPW01 Retort Stand ( Burette Stand ) Side Hole
TSPW01 Test Tube Stand Polypropylene
WBPW02 Wash Bottles New Type
WBPW01 Wash Bottles Polyethylene Regular
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