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Code Product Name
ASPP02 Ash Clipping
ASPP01 Ashless Clipping
BLPP01 Blotting Paper Superior Size 460x570mm
CPPP01 Cellophane Paper Size 120mmx180mm
CHPP01 Chromatography Papers CHR 1
FCLW01 Filter Cloth Round (Center Hole)
FPLW01 Filter Pad Rubber with centre Hole Size 185mm
FIPP06 Filter Paper No. 41
FPPP01 Filter Paper No.1
FPPP00 Filter Paper No. 0
FPPP02 Filter Paper No.2
FIPP04 Filter Paper No. 40
FIPP05 Filter Paper No. 42
LEPP01 Lens Cleaning Tissues Size 90mmX145mm
PAPP01 Parchment Paper For Osmosis Size 90mmx145mm
TIPP01 Tissue Paper
WHPP02 Whatman Chromatography Paper No. 1 Size 460 x 570 mm
WHPP01 Whatman Filter Paper
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